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co-cre8 is a purpose-driven business that convenes stakeholder groups around a common objective, understanding that the pace of change required to avoid human and planetary collapse cannot be achieved by organisations on their own. Using our vast experience, expertise and vivacity, we embrace positive disruption to design, implement and continuously enhance systems, products and infrastructure that delivers a positive economic, social and environmental outcome for all.

Our current activities focus on – but are not limited to – working with businesses and other organisations to address the pressing issues of resource management, particularly in relation to the use of materials and packaging within the hospitality and food service sector.

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We operate the following portfolio of services to achieve our vision:

co-cre8 Systems


The current disconnect between system inputs and outputs favours a linear approach to resource management, that results in significant losses and a greater dependency on virgin materials.

We understand the need to consolidate and manage system inputs to achieve the economies of scale required to ensure recovery and as such, transition to a more circular model.

co-cre8 products


There is little point in recovering resource – particularly those currently defined as ‘hard to recycle’ – unless a commercially and environmentally viable market can be established and subsequently sustained.

We understand the need to create demand for post-consumer material, ideally through incorporation back into the same product under a truly closed loop system (achieving a food-grade outcome where required) or, at least, in the creation of new useful products that are desirable for consumers.

co-cre8 infrastructure


The current absence of much needed collection systems and reprocessing infrastructure has been a direct result of exporting low quality and low value co-mingled material for a sustained period.

We understand the need to break the current stalemate by identifying routes to obtain the feedstock required (from controlled sites when a food-grade outcome is desired) and as such unlock investment in reprocessing facilities that are localised as much as possible to the point of generation

Our Team

Peter Goodwin

Peter is the Founder and Managing Partner of co-cre8 and is focused on creating collaborative partnerships and systems to deliver the vision of a more circular economy.

Prior to establishing co-cre8, Peter ran Closed Loop in the UK, working predominantly within the hospitality and foodservice sector with a specialisation in designing programmes for the recovery of disposable packaging in complex, multi-stakeholder environments.

During his time at Closed Loop, Peter pioneered a number of major industry innovations, most notably co-founding the Simply Cups scheme in 2014, which is now recognised, both in the UK and internationally, as the foremost scheme of its kind.

With expert industry knowledge, particularly within the aviation and food & beverage packaging sectors, Peter is a frequent speaker and panellist, whilst he has also contributed his expertise to numerous reports, articles and media broadcasts.


16th September 2019, Peter Goodwin shortlisted for the Special Achievement Award at the prestigious 2019 waste2zero awards recognising excellence in waste prevention and management.

16th July 2019 (London), Peter Goodwin speaks on the Panel discussion: Coffee cup recycling – where are we now? at the 2019 Packaging News – Environmental Packaging Summit, with DS Smith, Huhtamaki and Smart Planet Technologies.

9th July 2019, Peter Goodwin, Co-Founder of Simply Cups and co-cre8, discusses concerns about eco-showboating. Read More

16th May 2019 (Lisbon), Peter Goodwin speaks on panel at the 2019 Sustainable Cabin Forum organised by Hi-Fly and the Mirpuri Foundation in partnership with IATA and under the patronage of European Commissioner Karmenu Vella. Related Video Below.

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